Empty Spaces

For those of us who think about the empty spaces, where art happens”  HOBAN

“When you explain poetry, it becomes banal. Better than any explanation is the experience of feelings that poetry can reveal to a nature open enough to understand it”  NERUDA


Welcome to my blog. I’ll be listing what I’m working on here. Please feel free to browse and enjoy! Feedback is always welcome. Please scroll down for details.

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Currently having fun with NaNoWriMo18.

Check my Tweets for excerpts.

“Red” or “Hexilicious.” A girl, a forest and a Wolf.

Words unleashed revolt, jihad, crusade, consumed and burnt the tinder heart and soul of man.

Words, what Business had the Dark to keep them and the joy they brought, from those Souls open enough to understand them.”

© Greg Richards

Image courtesy of the Wonderful Work of Anthony Argentin!


Out 16/5/17 on Amazon, and Free Copies available (please review!) from 17/5/2017 to 21/5/2017!

It starts in a crypt in Abbaye de Saint-Evre de Toul, in NE France and something Ancient long-held from the light, bound by a corrupt Order and a Scholar searching for answers to a hidden riddle.
Dig yours out from the Crypt today, if you dare ^^.


Starting Jan 2017, I’ll be adding a little Verse along the way – support and comments will be much appreciated!

Upcoming: Rhymer (After Thomas the Rhymer)


The Tale of Thomas the Rhymer, or Thomas of Erceldoune, Thomas of Learmont or True Thomas (1220 – 1298) is a renowned tale of a 13th century Scottish Laird and reputed prophet from Earlston in the area of Scotland known as the Borders or Scottish Borders, a tract of land on the borders of Scotland and England.

He is reputed to have been carried off by the Queen of Elfland and returned with the gift of prophecy. The tale is repeated in various forms, ballad verse and prose since medieval times most famously in the Child Ballads in the 1700’s.

The Tale has always fascinated me and I’ve chosen to write a verse interpretation including modern themes of magical realism, alienation, loss, love and hope.

The full volume will be released in Chapbook form.

Poems currently posted in the Series comprise: Sleep of the Faerie Queen, Magic, Moon, Rhymer and Hounds.

Upcoming: Annipe & Imhotep 


Also upcoming, a Tale of Cats, Liverpool and Ancient Egypt, a genre-twisting Egyptologist / Gothic horror, that spans the Ages.

Purrrrfect fun!

Watch this space.

Inspired by the wonderful work at


“Forsaken by the sun, in a desolate waste, beneath a sea of sand they slept, cocooned by endless dreams of devotion and duty fulfilled, until one fateful day the crypt was breached, and greed and avarice crept in …”

Upcoming: Contemporary Folktale in Verse


Now also working on a contemporary folktale in Verse, exploring modern themes of Alienation, Loss, Love and Hope.  It won’t be Beowulf, but I’m keen to explore an ancient storytelling medium in a contemporary setting.

Stay tuned for Updates.



Release begins this month. Released in parts/excerpts, a Tale of Ancient Gods lost in the modern world.

A Narrative Verse Tale of loss, discovery and redemption.


Part 1: Tree, is out now on the Blog. Enjoy!

The Full Edition will be released in Chapbook Form.

For those unfamiliar with the term, Wiki provides an excellent introduction

A more in depth guide may be found at


Evanescence my Gothic Horror / historical Mystery is out – see my November Blog for details.

” For only in the Dark, can you truly see the Light.”


I’ve posted 4 full Chapters of “Evanescence” my Gothic / Horror Novella on Wattpad – views, votes and feedback would be very welcome if you have the time!

Evanescence #wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/FyMiyCxDmA/>

Your support and interest as always are appreciated!


Evanescence is being released as a single volume on LULU / Amazon / Barnes & Noble / iBooks on 6 March 2017!

Book Buy links will be provided on release!

A small number of advance copies will be available in return for an honest review! If interested, please contact me on the form below.

As Fierce as Any Dragon

My new SciFi with a Kick-Ass woman lead is also out.

“Never get between a Mom and her child …
Especially an Ex-Special Forces Mom …”
AFAD Tweet 09 v1.png

5 *’s on Goodreads!

Until 28/2/2017 a limited number of Free Review copies are now available – check my Blog Post or please fill out the Contact form below and I’ll send a BookFunnel  Download link.

Check it out at
or click the button below. Enjoy!

Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

System Entry


Also out now on LULU.

A small Scout Ship and a Rag Tag Crew fleeing aggressive Alien Hunt entering unknown system in uncharted space with hard decision to make.

The crew is a mismatched conflicted mixed species group, facing death or worse. At the edge of known space, their reserves and their patience with each other, they must work together to survive.

Part 2 of the Echoes Trilogy, Humanity in Extremis encounters something new: Friend or Foe? Read on to find out!

Part 1 As Fierce as Any Dragon New Edition released in December 2016.

Part 3 Will be released 2019.


Support independent publishing: Buy this e-book on Lulu.

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