Excerpt – As Fierce as Any Dragon C1


“Chapter 1

“Everyone has an angel, a guardian who watches over us.
We can’t know what form they will take.
One day Old Man, next day little Girl.
But don’t let appearances fool you.
They can be as fierce as any dragon.
Yet they’re not here to fight our battles.
But to whisper from our heart, reminding that its us, its everyone one of us that holds the power over the worlds we create.”
Film – Sucker Punch, Babydoll

The sun was bright and strong and warm. A beacon in the otherwise featureless sky, that drew her eyes, closed, but following the radiant glow, heart and soul breathlessly close behind, to that warm caress of brilliant light. It propelled her, filled her arms and legs with motivating force, energy, life.
Eventually she paused, breathless. The sun was especially strong today, and only the cool hesitant, bashful touch of the breeze, from the distant sea shore, like a wet flannel, and the constant motion of her pace as she ran, arms held wide, wind gambolling in her hair, made it bearable. The crops on the hill down which she raced flowed like water. It reminded her of the sea and she wished she was there. So many happy family memories.
As she ran, eyes tight shut, arms held wide, as if to take flight, she opened her mouth wide and screamed, a formless wordless sound, not of sadness or pain, but of joy, release, letting all the bad things out, leaving space alone for the good, wonder and an endless appetite for life.
Her mind empty of all but the moment, she concentrated on the fleeting feel of soil and plant fibre between her toes. Gone were the things she could not explain, the cares and exasperations of her parents she could not kiss or hug away. Out here everything was all right. It would all be ok. Whatever made the worry lines on her Daddy’s brow, whatever peopled the silences where they did not speak, to her or each other, but just stared, sadly but with a love clear and strong, it physically hurt.
It all flew by on the wings of her arms, freewheeling like the birds in the sky, calling encouragement on their way to and from the now nearby shore.
Abruptly and entirely without warning a screeching sound tore at the fabric of the sky, and through the rent erupted a huge burning shape, of smoke and fire and garishly bright metal. A roiling inferno violently birthed into the tranquil peace, that rushed with a huge roar and crack over the crest of the hill and into the distance. And then she felt the earth shudder with a distant crump. She shrieked coming to an abrupt halt and dived to the coarse tilled earth at her feet, burying herself in amongst the waist high crop growth. She waited a short while, in case the violent flame shrouded beast of the air reappeared, before slowly raising her head, checked her immediate surroundings, then quickly picked herself up and raced back to the village which nestled in the river valley a short distance away.
Her flight was now an entirely different thing.”

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