Evanescence – 4 Chapters for Free!

Ruined Abbey 10 20-down-into-the-crypts-concept-art.jpg

Through a window Darkly, the Dark in the Light …

Things that aren’t quite what they seem to be. Something ancient restrained deep in the bowels of an ancient Abbey. In 1746, Don Augustine Calmet, a respected erudite and renowned Benedictine Monk, learned in, and a prolific publisher of works on Philosophy and Theology, visited by the Enlightenment Philosopher Voltaire, published a Tome on Demons, Spirits and Revenants or Vampires in Hungary, which was expanded and reprinted in 1751.

How did this stalwart figure of the Church and prolific Theological writer develop an interest in Eastern European Folklore and Tales of Vampires and the macabre?

Thus beings the Tale.

I’ve posted 4 full Chapters of “Evanescence” my Gothic / Horror Novella onto Wattpad – views, votes and feedback would be welcome if you have the time!

Your support and interest as always are appreciated!


Evanescence #wattpad http://my.w.tt/UiNb/FyMiyCxDmA/>

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