Curiosity didn’t kill this cat,
It was the ignorance that plagued him so,
Virus vector, bigotry bait,
The cat that walked alone, and didn’t toe the line,
No place for individuality.
He left, to be someone different, and vanished
Into the peaceful tumult of the concrete jungle,
His solo voice amongst a thousand others,
In the choir of dissent.
© Greg Richards

6 thoughts on “Curiosity

    • Thanks – and a bit of fun too – Kipling is one of my all time favourite poets, though his politics leave much to be desired, and cats, well cats – what more can I say 🙂 But seriously was looking for a vehicle to express concern at the way the world seems to be revering to an earlier 1930’s style intolerance and isolationism that is also deeply deeply troubling 😦

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