Seasons (#2BitTues)

Seasons waxed and waned,
With love and self-regard,
I sit before another now,
Whose warm fire fixes me to the here and now.
© Greg Richards



The light was fading when I heard it growl,
At thunders thronging threshold,
A pressure crowding at my ears,
Apprehension, angst that chilled the soul,
Where predation stalked the shadows,
Sought the weak, the sick, the dying,
Followed fast the fear, sweet honeyed scent,
For fang and fur, borne rushing past by bang of blood,
Propelled by pad of paw, eyes dark burning coals
That fired the night with dark intent,
The hunt was on.
The City shrunk, skin shivered,
Goosebumped, a cold chill caress,
It knew the Wolf was at its door.

© Greg Richards


The dark conjoined,

Enfolded soul,

Inured the heart,

Constrained the pain,

From lights bright burning revelation.

Whence secrets sloughed, like peeling skin,

Dry crusts cascade,

Inner sanctums sun seared shell,

Sanctums solid fount within at risk, where feet stand firm

And walk on the waters inner strength and calm,

Breached by light let in,

Cruel solar lantern pinned,

By light revealed, remembrance, prostrate lain,

Seeking solace and time to heal.

No lotions balm to calm this burns breach,

But loves soft salve you bring,

Fragrant shadow,

Shelter from suns searing sorrow,

Your hand in mine,

Your heart with mine,

You with me,

Ying and Yang,

Conjoined in mutual shadow.

© Greg Richards


An anger raging,
A rage convulsing,
No colour to its frenzy,
No substance to its grip,
No focus for its fury
But the winds wild wrenching flight.
Trees convulsed and twisted,
Writhed and wreathed, branches broken, trunks demise,
I sat and watched and wondered,
Relieved my anger was not so,
But found its vent in warm embrace and gentle lips,
Calm faery forest green, within the Storm.
© Greg Richards