A divide,
A yawning chasm hard to cross,
A challenge to be spanned,
A plea to answer,
An encounter to enrich,
A journey to begin,
A glass half full or empty,
Perspective reveals defines and charts the path.
Her eyes cast the rope,
Her smile the wooden planks,
Her heart the will to craft,
And so a bridge is built
And love may cross and dwell in distant lands.
© Greg Richards

2 thoughts on “Bridges

  1. Thanks Eugenia! It derives from a wonderful line in an Atmosphere m Egoyan Film, where the father talks to niece about why he couldn’t ntinues to visit her father who hates him, and whom he hates in turn – his explanation that as we grew older we all acquire baggage, and if we chose not to relate to anyone with baggage, we’d never communicate with anyone, and we’d miss all the wonderful bits they carry too, has stayed with me over the years – this is a condensation of that observation ^^


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