No Past, No Future


No future, past or present,
Just, the feel of skin on skin,
You in my skin, under my Skin,
In my heart, in my head,
In my arms, me in you,
Following the fierce thrust of flesh
To that dark blinding light of your heart,
The world now viewed through the prism of you,
The furnace fire of our hearts
That made us so, sorrow-seared in the flurry of loss,
Roller-coast ride off the cliff chasm edge of absence,
Until landed hard, we sit smouldering together again,
Here and now,
Your hand burning in mine,
Passions dark coals, your eyes, lighting the dark of the room,
The sound of blood banging in my ears,
Your voice, your heart, your scent, your taste,

© Greg Richards

Inspired by a line in Aquarius, “There is no past or future, just the feeling on your skin, here and now.”


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