The dark conjoined,

Enfolded soul,

Inured the heart,

Constrained the pain,

From lights bright burning revelation.

Whence secrets sloughed, like peeling skin,

Dry crusts cascade,

Inner sanctums sun seared shell,

Sanctums solid fount within at risk, where feet stand firm

And walk on the waters inner strength and calm,

Breached by light let in,

Cruel solar lantern pinned,

By light revealed, remembrance, prostrate lain,

Seeking solace and time to heal.

No lotions balm to calm this burns breach,

But loves soft salve you bring,

Fragrant shadow,

Shelter from suns searing sorrow,

Your hand in mine,

Your heart with mine,

You with me,

Ying and Yang,

Conjoined in mutual shadow.

© Greg Richards


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