Rhymer (after Thomas the Rhymer)


The Tale of Thomas the Rhymer, or Thomas of Erceldoune, Thomas of Learmont or True Thomas (1220 – 1298) is a renowned tale of a 13th century Scottish Laird and reputed prophet from Earlston in the area of Scotland known as the Borders or Scottish Borders, a tract of land on the borders of Scotland and England.

He is reputed to have been carried off by the Queen of Elfland and returned with the gift of prophecy. The tale is repeated in various forms, ballad verse and prose since medieval times most famously in the Child Ballads in the 1700’s.

The Tale has always fascinated me and I’ve chosen to write a verse interpretation including modern themes of magical realism, alienation, loss, love and hope.

The full volume will be released in Chapbook form.

Poems currently posted in the Series comprise: Sleep of the Faerie Queen, Magic, Moon, Rhymer and Hounds.


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