Brow wreathed in sweat
Sun laboured, end in sight,
Sunsets port, the days reprieve,
A pause from eternal toil.
Head hung low he looked
In failing light
Across the world,
Where light had risen,
And now would fall,
Given but not always taken,
For some refused the gift,
Dark festered in their souls,
And some it could not reach,
Trapped in shadowed crevasse,
Where the dark lurked hidden,
Until the night returned
And cast the mantle grim,
That wrapped the world
In shadows shroud
And good, like light,
Would fade and fall,
Until bright and burning true,
Some soul resolved,
To bring it forth again,
And chase the dark away.

© Greg Richards

2 thoughts on “Sunset

    • Thanks for the kind comment and appreciation ^^ Contention between Dark & Light is a subject that has always fascinated – a rich source for any genre / medium ^^ Currently writing two Chapbooks on related Themes – Thunder (Norse related) and Rhymer (13th Century Verse / Folklore related). And thanks to you for Six Word Story Hosting ^^


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