Despair1 1-Hope_and_Despair_by_yuumei-DEV

Four walls a roof and floor,
No windows onto the world
He did not want to see.
The world in fact outside
Big bright and bursting
Potentiate with life and love,
Kept at bay, by the prison of his mind.
He cast an image on the walls,
An architecture of despair,
Bleak landscape,
Instead, of angles hard to see,
Trisections shaped by soul
That longed to be
Somewhere other than this reality,
In a place of red running rivers
A charnel rage that sundered
Life and light,
And cast instead
A dark dark shrouding shadow,
Where hope and love
Green shrouded, sun-kissed,
Perhaps alone,
If held fast and firm,
Beacons bright
Eventually, might see.

© Greg Richards
Struggling to make sense of recent events 😦

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