Odin’s Elegy (D3 NaPoWriMo)


Grim the voyage that took us thither
World’s end, sky breaker, shaft shriver,
My shattered soul had dropped like stone
Deep beneath the savage sea
That strove to break us.
He was gone.

Words could not express
The pain that wracked us.
Wyrds flew like spears
And rent the dark with blinding light,
And tore the very fabric of the sky.
Wyrds struck like hammers,
The anvil of the heavens
Filled the thunder of their blows,
A sound that filled the forge of our grief.
He was gone.

Water fell like breaking mountains,
Tore at sail, wrenched cloak and awning,
And battered at the boat we sailed in.
Hands salt red raw that gripped the oars
But could not grasp
The empty chasm that opened up
Before his absence.
He was gone.

We sailed to bury grief
With axe and blade
In heathen skulls
And the priests
Whose One Dead God
And wrested life immortal
From the multitudinous,
Old Immortal One Eye.
He was gone.

But our rage was not.
We sowed in savage sea
We wrought in light and thunder
We broke the very rock’s foundation,
And let our roar of rage
At passing ring forever
In the contestation of elements.

© Greg Richards

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