Fortune (D13 #NaPoWriMo)


I sat stiff at table
In the festive red lantern
And dragon bedecked restaurant.
The dragons belched,
No fire but laughter light and joy,
Whilst I stared at the granite of his face.
It’s not that I’d done wrong,
Or he, for fault, as always, was irrelevant.
I held the fortune cookie slip
Gingerly between finger and thumb,
As it smouldered,
Ignited by his rage,
Inflamed by what they said,
The turncoat words,
That worked against the truce
We’d reached before desert:
“The end is near and it’s all your fault.”
I raised my head, fire now in my eyes.
“You know what?” I thought,
It may be all my fault,
But so is the solution,
And I grabbed my fortune
By the scruff of its neck
And like my Week Old Kitten,
Held it gently in my arms
And left the restaurant,
Without paying,

© Greg Richards

Day 13 of NaPoWriMo, on theme of Fortune Cookies, to ward off perceived issue with the number 13, so a tale of resistance and renewal, and taking luck into her own hands ^^



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