Nocturne (D17 #NaPoWriMo)


Life’s long solstice struck
At my midnight’s hour
Betwixt the sun and moon,
Long life stretched behind,
Death loomed large before.
Scleroprotein shrouded
A room in shadow,
Dark crowded at the windows,
Stooped men in black
Three times three
Waited at the door.
I wrapped myself within,
A final shroud,
And sat with faded paper,
Ink faint like memory
An echo of passion spent
And spilt on sheets
In droplet words,
Page now parched,
The years’ drought drained
Now dry and brittle
Like my bones.
But still one memory
As vivid as a glass of water
The woman warm within
Love’s strong embrace
And lips, soft but sure, on mine.

© Greg Richards

Day 17, Prompt: Nocturne, and a little Donne ^^

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