Atem (D19 #NaPoWriMo)


From the Void issued
The whisper
Of a hint
Of a suggestion
Of An Echo
Of a sound
Not yet uttered,
In the Utter Dark
That was more than black.
An emptiness filled with nothing
Distended belly ready to birth
The Death of everything,
Tumescent, hard at the thought
Of Dark permeating
A World of Light
And in the shroud of nothing
There appeared a silhouette.
A .. tem, now ready
Atem to be
On a tumid Hill,
To complete the finish
At the start of everything.
In later years, bent and stooped
Bound by the burden of light at night
Under the feet of mortal earth,
He dreamed of nothing
And the Peace of empty void.

© Greg Richards

D19 On the Theme of Creation Myths, from a fascination I’ve always had with things Egyptian 


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