Troil (D20 #NaPoWriMo)


Sun sheathed,
Again, enwreathed,
Carried on his back,
He’d pierced then
Drunk and drained
The light, and watched
The stain resulting spilt,
Spread like blood across
The setting sky.
He troiled, and broiled,
Step by dogged step
Along the soot lined track,
The heat a cool relief
In void touched dark
That carried still the taint of birth
Amongst the rubble of that ancient
Twin peaked hill, Ben Ben,
And brought the pain of life
From Void’s stick dry haven
Away from mortal, hydroptique balm.
Engorged on light,
That simmered sharp within,
Sweat darked
Like beads of ink
Ran and soaked into
The weave, absorbed,
In which weave
The sun encased
Shone not, no revelation here,
Eternal task instead
With only dark to show the way,
The burden light
As heavy as any known
To man or god.

© Greg Richards
Using D18 prompt on theme of Neologisms ^^, or slightly so, in the case of this one

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