I Watched it All (D22 #NaPoWriMo)


I watched it all,
Buildings blighted
Black by flame,
And monstrous maw.
The thud of paw
That shook the walls;
The piling fangs
That drove down deep
And rooted hunger hard.
Blood red flame eyes that
Flickered in the whorl
Of dust smoke.

I saw the Old Man fall
Gungnir rent by one quick snap,
A rush of feathers black
Floating where he fell.

I saw Thor break
The hammer shatter
As it fell against the iron
Hide of fang and fur.

And as the twilight fell,
The sky blood red,
Dark descended,
And I lay my head,
Grief wracked, to rest,
To sleep, perchance forget,
Ale soaked reverie,
Until the sun might rise once more
And fate, forever fickle,
Grace us once again
With legends such as they.

© Greg Richards

Day 22 NaPoWriMo, from last year’s theme of a myth / mythological event viewed by a minor player http://www.napowrimo.net/day-twenty-one/


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