Bones (D23 #NaPoWriMo)

Dawn wrestled sun awake,
Tousled clouds shone faint
With feeble morning light,
And numbed still by fading night
The plough, sheathed in dew,
Plunged deep into the sodden earth
And cleaved a fecund furrow
In soft pliant wheat flecked clay.
Behind the plough
A man and horse,
Passed by a ruined shell,
A corpse of steel and rubber.
Briefly passing clouds
Obscured the morning sun,
And cast a shadow on his furrowed brow.
His thoughts a brief dark echo
Of things long since past;
Of tainted rain leached skies,
And brittle reaching shapes
Stretched like bones,
Of wisted steel and splintered wood
And broken concrete ways
That once were roads,
Where wind now danced with dust
And wailed a sad lament,
Of loss and empty arid spaces.

© Greg Richards
Day 23 (from Day 22’s prompt) theme: loosely based on the Georgic form

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