A Desert in his Cell (D24 #NaPoWriMo)


In dust and desiccated wood
A brother bound to
Pen and parchment scribed,
In the desert of his cell,
Far from field and forest,
Flowers scent, bluebell’s
Whispered silent chime,
And sating stream’s muffled murmur
Hidden in the shade.
His waning candle neared wick’s end
When unexpected daystar’s
Subtle touch brought briefly
Light and warmth and lit
The empty open page.
The scene unfurled before him,
A sensual trail across expectant field,
And in his cell before page faded,
Vegetation, corn and something
Round and sweet, potentiate,
Spiralled with the snail’s
Slow sure steady trail,
To fill expectant cell
With lush green fecund growth,
Crawling up the wall and
Matting floor with grass
And floating heady fragrant seed.
In the morning
Noviciates found him
Stretched across his desk,
Work just begun,
A page bright with colour
And in the margin painted
A rabbit on a stag with
Trained snail of prey,
In his fingers tightly clutched
Three pomegranate seeds.

© Greg Richards
Day 24 NaPoWriMo, Ekphrasis and the Mediaeval Manuscript Art subject that intrigued me for this piece, the verse an amalgam of Hare and Triskelion Symbolism in pre, post and non-Christian symbolism.

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