Dark2 (Inspired by #1LineWed)

In the bright midday sun
Dark spread like Ink.
People’s Eyes were Open
As they ran blindly
At brick walls
Unclimbable mountains
And insurmountable obstacles,
Modern day windmills tilting.
Man had always wished for more,
Journeyed with hope
A beacon that lit the way
When light was lost
Obscured or hidden,
But now nothing
Illumined the tangled path,
For hope, like the stuttering candle
Was all but extinguished,
Whilst people would not
Hold it right, or high
To let a little light ignite the way,
But fumbled with their papers,
Longitude and extolled in print or bytes
Their digital guides,
The AI that said the path was just so.
And twisted logic
Led them inexorably
But definitively
Off the edge of the cliff,
Some comfortably reading
Dacre & Whittow
As the wind rushed by
So much hot air
To comfort them
And the ground rushed up
Hard granite facts
Smacked resoundingly.
And all the king’s horses
And all the king’s men
Couldn’t make sense
Of the resulting mess they made.

© Greg Richards

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