Words (#1LineWed)

Words like leaves in a storm, a maelstrom, she sat in the vortex and felt not watched his anger buffet her 


Hawk – Scriggler Poem of the Day :)

Day 5 NaPoWriMo Theme the Natural World, with a Twist …

Poem of the Day Scriggler 25/7/17


Between the cities
And the towns
Roads pierce the land between,
Cast by Urban sprawl.
At their edges
Hang the hawks.

The cars race by,
Forever late,
Even when not,
Adrenalin the goad
That drives the rage
That flings them forth.

The Hawk cares not,
Natures thread
And bang of blood
The Hunt that grips it still,
In air a blur
To passing cars.

And then it dives,
Plunge to grassy bank,
Swims through grass,
And sinks in beak and talon.

Cars continue by,
As prey’s brief beating spark

Roadkill by Wing,
As if the traffic cared,
The metal caged
Are severed from
The things they cannot
Or will not see.

Earth wind and fae
What hovers at the edge
Of each rushed day
And waits to swoop
When least expected.

© Greg Richards
Day 5 NaPoWriMo Theme the Natural World, with a Twist …
Poem of the Day Scriggler 25/7/17

Books (#2bittues)

With her books around her, she was never alone, immersed in a multipage multiverse, words her windows onto myriad worlds


Serenity 2 (inspired by #SUNWip)

Subtle the morning sun 
Through falling autumn leaves,
Soft the winds gentle sorrow:
Tender touch on goose bumped skin,
Quiet the hush of tree enfolded glade,
Serene the pool in which I sank and bathed.
Yet the Forest held its breath, as I held mine,
The image of that anger in her eyes,
Calm before the storm.
In the distance thunder rumbled,
And dark clouds gathered.

© Greg Richards


Serenity (#SUNWip)

‪Subtle the morning sun through autumn leaves, soft the wind’s gentle touch, forest serene, a pool, the world without a muted echo #sunwip‬


Surrender (#1LineWed)

‪As her blade bit bone deep she pondered their words: “Surrender or die!” Her answer: a song of steel and blood. #1linewed‬


Sleep (#2BitTues)

He looked up then up again at the towering thug. In his dreams, he was always taller. He shrugged then kicked the thug HARD in the shins.