12/6/18 Untrue #BookishTues

It was not true. Or so he told himself. That fiction in his head, cognitive dissonance, that kept the goblins packed up tight, beneath his bed, in the dark cavern of his never-ending night.

11/6 #LoveLines (Twitter)

Outcast, he was born to Wander. The fates decreed it so. Until she cast a seed, and love took root, and two Souls, bound as one, grew strong together. Fates be damned, they willed it so, and so it was. The Fates, green hued Rain Ned lightning storm and thunder, to no avail.

#1LineWed – 6/6 “Sink or Swim”

The Plank: a village under threat, last refuge of his people. The Scourge: a raiding scum who’d razed this land & threatened more. The Swim: a dried and desiccated rose wrap’d in wrinkled leather; maybe he’d love again. Or pigs might fly.