#Thurds KNOW

Who can truly know another. He said he read my soul in my eyes. Soul mates. Probably, given he’d murdered my parents, & I his. Exeunt dagger, I whispered, as I drew his final curtain, & watched what was written in his eyes slowly fade #thurds #wordwolds #writethurs #vss365

#1linewed 31/10/18 Ghost (Samhain inspired ^^)


Astringent murmurs
Acute, the angular
Spider silk echoes
Clotting light without
Brick and timber cocoon
Once a home
Possessed by love
The ghost of my heart
Now haunted
His peace of mind.

© Greg Richards

Wolf (A Poem from my Red Cap Chapbook [in progress])


A Wolf, by any other name,
Snake skin shoes,
Leather pants,
Bling to spare,
Walking, talking, taking,
Footfall falling,
As he padded past
Book Stacked Shelves,
Artic eyes
Yellow peeping through,
Wulvine, wept, and weird,
His wyrd the woman
Walking so,
Her scent heavy
In his snout,
Blood thunder,
Bang the rage,
Hunger pounding,
Body calling,
Led by loins,
Whilst woman wondered
What withered
Where his heart should be,
The sound of flesh on flesh
An echo in that space,
Love long since left
Unlikely back to be.

At the children’s shelf,
Whilst she waited,
Ruby red her puckered lips
And matching bright red pumps,
Red Caped Girl in hand
She turned the page,
A new tale soon to tell,
Spellbound he would be.
Blessed be.

© Greg Richards
Image courtesy of Soey Milk & Timeless Tale’s Wonderful Blog both well worth a visit!

#BookishTues 30/10/18 Spooky

It wasn’t that he was spooky per se, appearing always when least expected behind her, at her desk, the cooler, the lift. The Hex didn’t care. Fresh meat. The itch began to spread.

#Thurds Manage 25/10/18

Manage 1200px-Salto_del_Angel-Canaima-Venezuela08

River roaring, wind whipped spray, rodeo river riding, she reached the lip, then plunged, the water falling, with her heart, at the first soft subtle query of his lips. Navigate? She gripped the bright bouncing beacon floats, their love, & knew, they’d manage.‬