#lovelines 26/11/18 Sail

Sails draped across the horizon. No Hex could keep this magnitude, this shroud of ships away. I watched my heart sink in still waters. I could not swim to get it. Wind stirred. Clouds scudded. Tears held in like pain. A storm was coming.

#Thurds Act (of Love)

It was an act of love,

Letting go,

As her fingers slipped from his,

Salt tears in sea spray.

They’d change the fate of cities,

The Augurs said.

He watched the sun set over Troy,

Sinking with his heart.








#17/11/18 SunWIP

He’d not tell any further lies.
Or hurt another.
She’d locked his soul elsewhere.
She’d sealed it with a kiss.
One down, one to go.

#SunWIP, #vss365, #amwriting, #writing, #hexilicious




Words unleashed revolt, jihad, crusade, consumed and burnt the tinder heart and soul of man.

Inspiration also thundered forth in Words, sun cast in the break of dawn, and banished dark constraints that sought to mute them.

Words, what Business had the Dark to keep them and the joy they brought, from those Souls open enough to understand them.

Extracts from my Upcoming Novella “Red,” WIP for NaNoWriMo18

#BookishTues 13/11/18 Business

The big bald bully leered, droit de bollocks, as he bounced about the women interns, in a room of mostly men, until his laces tripped him and red face met the floor. Business concluded, her fingers twitched. Hexilicious #BookishTues #vss365