Book – As Fierce as Any Dragon (EP1)

My new SciFi with a Kick-Ass woman lead is out.

“Never get between a Mom and her child …
Especially an Ex-Special Forces Mom …”
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From across the vast distances of intergalactic space, a millennia-old horde scavenger approaches. They Hunger. The Dark Draws near.
A Young girl encounters an Unknown Craft crash-landed near her Colony.
Ex-Military Special Forces Mother goes to investigate, unwittingly carrying the Young Girl who has stowed away.

A tale of individuals in extremis and the qualities that motivate us, love, protective instincts and determination, though not always with the results we expect or desire.
The story has a strong female lead and a twist at the end.

As Fierce as Any Dragon is part of a Trilogy. Part 2, System Entry is now Live and available on Amazon. Part 3 will be released during August 2017.

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