Book – System Entry (EP2)

SYSTEM ENTRY (Part 2 of the Echoes Series)
“Dark, absolute and complete. A void, bereft of light, sound, scent, of all senses, centred on his slow reluctant return to consciousness, offering the interim embrace of a long unlooked-for calm, one he had neither sought, nor expected.”
A small Trader Ship, doubling as a Scout Ship and a Rag Tag Crew, escapes a sector battle between an aggressive, Alien species, the Horde, on the edge of known human space, and flees the ensuing aggressive Alien Hunt, entering uncharted space with hard decisions to make.

The crew is a mismatched conflicted mixed species group, facing death or worse. At the edge of known space, their reserves and their patience with each other, they must work together to survive.

Part 2 of the Echoes Trilogy, Humanity in Extremis encounters something new: Friend or Foe? Read on to find out!

Part 1 As Fierce as Any Dragon New Edition released in December 2016.

Part 3 Will be released August 2017.