Excerpts – Evanescence


Evanescence: Chapter 1 – The Crypt

“The small figure sat, head bowed, long knotted hair shrouding face and shoulders, in the dark chamber, deep in the bowels of an ancient building, bells tolling faintly somewhere far above, where the light shone and normal people went about their everyday lives, ignorant of the dark below.”

Evanescence; C2.1 – Twilight

“The figure sat on a rickety stool, at a narrow crudely hewn desk of ancient oak, between towering aisles of dust laden ancient tomes and scrolls.

Light filtered intermittently through the floating dust and dark, disturbed periodically by a fitful but persistent, chill draught.

There was nothing warm nor welcoming about this place.”

Evanescence: C2.2 – Sceadu

““Sceadu: variously, a thing of shadows, of the Dark, from the dark, the land of shadows.”

As twilight descended on the 13th week of his visit, a Friday, bells sounded the call to prayer. The reader straightened, stretched shaking arms, and bent twisted fingers discoloured blue with ink and darkened with grime, and reluctantly stood to answer the call of his faith.

The figure in the shadows moved into the fading light, undefined and still hard to see.

“Don Augustin? His voice was deep distant and gravelled.

The reader paused, eyes seeking to focus on the tall hooded figure before him. Yet however hard Don Augustin tried, the figure remained undefined and thereby impossible to place. He assumed it was his eyes, long since past their prime, and overworked and abused. He shook his head slightly, in an effort to clear the web of ruminations that clung to and wrapped his thoughts in a muddled snare, then answered:

“How may I be of service?”

“It is not what thou might do for me, but what I may do for thee.” “

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